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Personalized Learning

The Personalized Learning program through Northern Arizona University offers accredited, self-paced online degrees centered on mastering competencies. No set deadlines and no traditional semester start dates mean students complete lessons and progress at the speed right for them.

Learn more about how competency-based Personalized Learning works and start your affordable, six-month subscription today!

A Degree Earned on Your Schedule

NAU’s Personalized Learning program means you start your college education when it’s right for you, not based on traditional semester start dates. It means you complete lessons around your schedule and progress as quickly or gradually as is best for you, not based on a professor’s schedule.

Learn more about NAU's Personalized Learning program and take the quiz to see if it's the right option for you.

A Degree You’re Proud Of

As a Personalized Learning student at NAU, you know the value and flexibility of earning a competency-based degree.

Now, keep up with all the developments in the Personalized Learning program and see how NAU continues to lead competency-based education initiatives among public institutions.

Competency-based Degree Leader

Northern Arizona University was the first public institution to offer competency-based degree programs, and we haven’t stopped there. NAU is one of just a few CBE institutions that offer financial aid, and degree programs through Personalized Learning continue to expand.  

Learn about NAU's history in competency-based education and connect with the NAU leaders and faculty members who developed the program.

A Rigorous, Yet Flexible Degree

Northern Arizona University’s Personalized Learning program partners with businesses to offer employees an accredited college education with a flexible twist.

Employees can progress as quickly or as gradually as needed within each of their six-month subscriptions but still come away mastering key proficiencies needed in the business world.

Learn about the many ways you can partner with NAU.

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