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8 Habits Of Straight-A Students

by Margaret Hurst
Marketing Specialist

April 03, 2015

We all know the straight-A student. They always get the reading done, turn in the perfect paper time after time and give insightful comments in class discussions– all seemingly without effort.

It isn’t easy, but you, too, can be that student.

Getting straight A’s is all about forming the right habits and sticking to them. Make these 8 habits part of your routine and you’ll see your grades soar. 

Habit 1: Planning Ahead

Straight-A students know what’s due tomorrow, next week and next month. Knowing what’s coming up is the first step to getting it done right.

The first week of class, read through your syllabus and know all of your test and due dates. If you have three papers due in the same week, make sure you put aside plenty of time to do your best work.

Habit 2: Getting To Know Their Instructors

Building a relationship with your instructor will help you get more out of the material and  improve your performance in class.

Introduce yourself to your instructor the first week of class and go to their office hours. If you’re taking the class online, shoot your professor an email with a short introduction of yourself.

Habit 3: Participating In Class Discussions

Whether you're taking classes in person or online, participating in class discussions is a must if you want to earn straight A’s. Come prepared to each class with a few questions about the reading or homework.

If you find that speaking up is difficult for you, start small. Challenge yourself to make at least one thoughtful comment per class.

Habit 4: Taking Good Notes

When it comes time to study for an exam, the quality of your notes will make or break you. Pay attention to anything that your instructor emphasizes or repeats more than once– these are both good indicators that the material will be on the test.

Habit 5: Not Multi-Tasking

If you try to do everything at once, you probably won’t do any of it to the best of your ability.

Instead, focus on one task or project at a time. This means separating your school and family time. When you’re completing school work focus your attention on that, and when you’re with your family make them your priority.

Habit 6: Asking For Help

Straight-A students know how to ask for help when they don’t understand something or need a little more explanation.

Reaching out to your instructor is always a good first step. Many universities offer free online and in person tutoring services as well.

Habit 7: Taking Their Time

Straight-A students don’t make grammar or spelling mistakes. At least, not often.

Always make sure to proofread your work and if possible, have someone else look it over as well. Small mistakes like misspelled words add up and can have a negative effect on your grades.

Habit 8: Setting Goals

Whether you’re shooting for straight A’s, a B-average or something in between, it helps to set a concrete goal for yourself. Share your goal with your family or loved ones so that they can help you keep on track.

Stay committed to doing your best possible work and your grades will reflect it.

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