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Going Back To College: The Myths Debunked

by Kaitlyn Wightman
Marketing Specialist

June 02, 2014

Isn’t it time to advance your career? Work at your dream job? Snag that promotion? 

So, what’s holding you back? 

For many adults, it’s going back to college to earn that degree. But the college scene is rapidly changing. Not only are more adult and nontraditional students going back to college, but there are also more ways to earn your degree that fits your lifestyle. 

It’s time to debunk the myths that are keeping you from going back to college. 

Myth: I’ll Be In A Class Full Of Teenagers

The definition of the typical college student has changed. According to a recent study, the nontraditional student is the new majority on college campuses. On the first day of class, you’re very likely to meet students who are going back to college while balancing careers and family. 

Myth: I Can Only Take Classes In A Classroom

It’s not just brick and mortar anymore. If you’re still hesitant about stepping into the classroom, consider earning your degree online. 

We’re not talking degree mills. Many accredited public universities offer online degrees with the same rigorous standards as a traditional classroom education. 

Plus, you’ll graduate with an official university diploma that doesn’t point out your online degree. 

An online degree doesn’t mean complete seclusion. Message board discussions and group project collaboration keep the social interaction engaging without the face time. 

Myth: I Won’t Fit In

Many degrees are structured as cohort programs. This means you take all your classes with the same students at the same time. Moving through the program together builds trust, respect and camaraderie among you and your classmates through team projects and study groups. 

Myth: I Have Too Many Credits To Earn

Some degree programs are designed so that you have to sit through all the class lectures, even on subjects you already know from your years of work experience. 

But not all programs. Competency-based degrees like NAU’s Personalized Learning degrees let you receive credit for what you already know. 

After showing proficiency by testing out of lessons you already know, you can then move forward to study lessons you want to explore. 

Myth: I Can’t Keep Up

Sticking to hard deadlines for class assignments and projects is tough, especially when balancing a career and family while going back to college. 

Competency-based degrees were designed with this in mind. That’s why with Personalized Learning, you can move as fast or as paced as you want to earn your college degree. 

If your week is busy, slow down on your lessons. If you’re on a roll with your lessons, keep going. The pace is up to you. 

Going back to college is a commitment, but it can be done. Whether you choose to earn your degree online, in the classroom or through a competency-based degree program, you’ll have the support from your peers and the guidance from your professors to make it happen. 

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