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How To Ask For A Promotion After Earning Your Degree

by Margaret Hurst
Marketing Specialist

July 20, 2015

You went back to school to earn your degree because you love your job. You are good at your job. And most importantly, you want to move forward with your job.

Getting a promotion is one of the most common motivations to go back to school. Sometimes earning a higher degree is the only way to advance professionally. But once you have the qualifications to take on higher roles within your organization, you still need to convince your boss that you’re right for the job.

Asking for a promotion after you’ve gone back to school to earn your degree doesn’t have to be intimidating. After all, you’ve done the work, you deserve the reward! So before you request a meeting with your boss and pitch yourself for a new role, make sure you prepare with these 3 steps.

1. Know Your Selling Points

Come prepared to sell your accomplishments and skills to your boss. You went back to school to earn your degree and now you have more training and more skills to offer your employer. Be ready to talk about how your degree has further prepared you for a higher position and specifically what you learned.

Wherever possible, collect hard statistics that show how you’ve added value to the company so far. Did you consistently exceed company quotas month after month? Or is your customer satisfaction rate among the highest in the company? Bring examples of how you continually go above and beyond the demands of your current position. This will show your employer that you’re ready to move into leadership and take on more responsibilities.

2. Think About The Future

When your employer is considering you for a promotion they don’t just care about your past at the company, they also care about what you have planned for the future. Unlike outside applicants, you know what current problems your employer is facing. You are uniquely qualified to offer a solution.

Your employer will love it if you go in to ask for a promotion and say, “If I was hired to this position, then my first steps would be…” And don’t be afraid to back up your ideas for changes with things you learned earning your degree. That’s why you went back to school in the first place!

3. Be Ready To Discuss Salary

When you take on more responsibilities, you deserve more compensation. Salary shouldn’t be discussed until after you’re offered the position, but when that happens you need to be prepared.

Be ready to discuss what your expectations are in terms of an increase in pay. If you have access to salary information at your company, base your desired salary on the benchmarks of similar positions. Often times, it’s best to start on the high end so you have room to negotiate down.

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