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Online learning—is it right for you?

by Jennifer Martin
Marketing Specialist

March 18, 2016

Having your college degree can help in so many areas of life.  Employers look at an applicants schooling history and can tell a lot by what they see. An applicant with a college degree may stand out from someone without not because the degree may be in any one area—but more importantly because it shows that someone with a degree is able to follow through to completion and has the tenacity to stay the course.

Nowadays, life moves at a pretty fast pace. Traditional learners still make up a large percentage of college students, however the non-traditional learners are finding that getting their college degree online has distinct advantages.  Are you one of those that would benefit from getting your degree online or as a combination of online and on-ground?  Maybe some of these points will help you decide:

1. Variety of online learning options: You’ll find that most colleges and universities offer courses in both the structured environment (you stick to a set curriculum and have to work at the speed of the class), while others (like NAU) offer options to learn at your own pace. This is highly advantageous for working professionals, busy parents, or students who prefer not to be held to deadlines. The latter option can allow you to finish your degree faster and in less time than typical, which can also mean lower tuition overall.

2. Keep your job and learn when it’s convenient: Working the 9-5 and don’t want to quit to go back to school? Then an online degree is perfect for you. Learning online allows you to complete schoolwork early in the morning, at night, on the weekends, or during your lunch break at work. No more having to be in class at a certain time—learn at your convenience.

3. Have you seen the number of available online degrees? Because the popularity of learning online has grown substantially, the degree choices available to you are many. From accounting, to nursing, to teaching… and even your MBA, the world of online degrees is wide open, leaving you with choices you might not even realize.

4. Affordability: Online degrees tend to be less expensive than their on-ground counterparts, for many reasons. Fully online courses don’t require classroom space (although many offer a virtual classroom for peer support), which can result in lower tuition for you. Additionally, through programs like the Personalized Learning platform offered through NAU, you can pay a flat tuition rate per specified block of time, and learn as fast or as slow as you want—which can translate into substantially reduced tuition the faster you complete your degree.

5. Keep the Zen in your life: Life is about balance. Balance your job, balance your family, balance your education. Online degrees fully support helping you maintain balance all around, since you can learn where and when it’s convenient for you, without having to be tied to a set class schedule. One of the best perks!

6. Need to define your learning environment? If you’re the type of student who does better working independently, or maybe becomes overstimulated in large groups of people, an online degree may be just what you need. While most classes offer the opportunity for class discussions virtually, being able to work where you’re most comfortable could actually help you immensely with concentration and completing your work.

7. Want to put in for that job opening you’ve been eyeing? Up for a possible promotion? If not having your degree could be a stumbling block to advancing your career, this might be the best reason of them all to pursue an online degree. The more you learn, the more your potential to earn. It just makes sense to give yourself that leg up on your future and get your degree.

Learning partially or fully online is certainly not for everyone, but if you find that any of these reasons make sense to you, it might be worth looking into.  It doesn’t cost a penny to seek out information—make some phone calls, send some emails, and get the information you need to make the best decision for you.

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