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Northern Arizona University and 2 Former NAU Students Receive Awards

by Jennifer Martin
Marketing Specialist

December 22, 2015

We are pleased to share that NAU was recently recognized by Paradise Valley Community College at their 6th Annual Community Awards and Donor Recognition Reception.  Not only was NAU named Outstanding Community Partner, but 2 former NAU students were recognized as Outstanding Alumni.  Adam Wong was formerly a 2NAU student, while the other, Marianne Rabasca, first attended NAU in Flagstaff, returned to PVCC to obtain her Associates degree in another field, then pursued her Master’s from NAU.  These 2 dynamic alumni have made contributions not only to their current career fields, but also to the community at large. 

Adam Wong began his career in banking while simultaneously taking college courses at PVCC.  He made his first major career shift to the hospitality industry where he worked for a boutique hotel, which ignited a passion within Adam for small business and led him to pursue his bachelor’s degree in business at NAU on PVCC’s campus, and later transitioning into the 2NAU program. Adam received his Bachelor’s degree in 2009, and went on to pilot a program with BASIS schools to execute the school’s unique mission using knowledge he gained during an internship with TTI Success Insights.  He has also career counseled students in the Young Life program, worked with leaders within local chapters of the Boys & Girls Club and has returned to PVCC on occasion to speak with business students within the partnership pathway between PVCC and NAU, to share effective strategies for success within the business environment. 

Marianne Rabasca took a slightly different path to success. She attended NAU on the Flagstaff campus, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and went on to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. Deciding she wanted to shift her focus, she later went on to pursue an Associate’s degree in Dietetic Technology at PVCC, and later a Master’s in Educational Leadership with a Community College/Higher Ed emphasis at NAU. She now is an adjunct faculty member at Paradise Valley Community College, advises and mentors students in basic principles of healthy eating and weight management, and works to create workshops to teach nutrition principles to members of the community.

The possibilities are endless with the joint partnership between Maricopa Community Colleges and NAU. For more information or to explore the options available to you, we invite you to contact the Admissions Counselor on your campus or email us at

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