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Personalized Learning and Perseverance Help Dreams Come True

by Jennifer Martin
Marketing Specialist

January 22, 2016

Last month, a lifelong goal was achieved. Dreams became reality and a man’s success was realized. 59 year old Personalized Learning student Ross Vlietstra crossed the stage to receive his diploma at graduation, having achieved his bachelor’s degree from NAU.

For years, Ross attempted to complete his degree.  Life happened, kids were born, and he traded the academic world for a paying job. His career successes were always overshadowed by his desire to finish what he started, and reach his long standing goal of becoming a college graduate.

In early 2015, Ross read an article about a new online degree program at another university, which just happened to be linked to another article about NAU’s new program, Personalized Learning. Personalized Learning allows students to capitalize on their life skills and areas of expertise, moving at their own pace to complete their degree. A spark ignited a fire that led to a phone call with an Advisor, which ultimately resulted in immediate enrollment.

This inspirational video is accompanied by the narration of Ross’ wife Sheryl, reading the letter she wrote to NAU’s President Rita Cheng. Her heartfelt thank you to President Cheng applauds the Personalized Learning program as the vehicle her husband needed to succeed. As you listen to Sheryl tell Ross’ story, picture yourself in his shoes- 59 years old, successful high level positions in marketing, sales and management, family man and husband, with a void that could only be filled by obtaining a bachelor’s degree. His story will help you realize that you CAN complete your degree. All it takes is some perseverance and the right learning environment. Find out if NAU’s Personalized Learning program is the right environment for you. Call an Admissions Counselor at 800-426-8315 and get your questions answered. You just may end up on the path to graduation like Ross.

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