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Combining Work And School? Follow These Steps To Ensure Success

by Jennifer Martin
Marketing Specialist

September 04, 2015

You’ve made the decision to enroll in classes alongside your busy life. You’ve taken the first major step towards advancing yourself both emotionally and professionally. Celebrate that accomplishment! Now comes the tricky part—making the transition. As you embark on this new journey as an adult learner and college student, time management is essential to your success. Here are a few reminders and steps to ensure your success in school.

Know what you want:

Finding that balance between work and home life can be tricky. Determining your priorities in order of importance will help keep you focused and on track. Do you have yoga at 6pm on Tuesdays? Do you have kids with music lessons on Fridays? When will be the best time for you to fit studying into your day? Maybe you’re a morning person and prefer to get up early to get your schoolwork done, or perhaps you’re a night owl and enjoy late hours in a quiet house instead. Whatever your preference, decide what works best for you and most importantly, make sure you get enough sleep so you can balance this new life you’re forging.

Keep an open mind:

Flexibility is key to success in juggling all that this endeavor brings about. The unforeseen hurdles can appear at any time, from anywhere, but making adjustments to accommodate those hurdles will help you stay the course. Fit homework in where you can—even if it’s a small sliver of time—because those small slivers soon add up to large chunks. Use your lunch hour to get some reading done. Waiting for your son during his karate class or your daughter during softball practice is the perfect quiet time to pick up where you left off or send that email to your professor to get questions answered. Make a to-do list if that’s what helps you, and check off things as you go. Forward motion is key!

Set realistic expectations:

Be mindful of the due dates for assignments and exams, and plan ahead for those dates. Knowing your timeline will enable you to set attainable goals for yourself along the way and will help keep you on track. If putting your timeline on a calendar to visually see your schedule day-to-day helps, do it! Know what you want your end result to be, set your plan in motion, and go for it. If you fall short at any point, adjust your plan to make up for lost time in the coming week. Underestimate and over deliver may be your motto, but the best thing you can do for yourself is be reasonable and realistic.

Support yourself and be your biggest cheerleader in this journey. Accept the hurdles that present themselves and celebrate the achievements. One step at a time. You can do this!

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