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Struggling In Your Classes? Don’t Be Afraid To Get Help

by Margaret Hurst
Marketing Specialist

September 14, 2015

Transitioning into college classes can be tough. On top of the material being complex and challenging, you have to balance your schoolwork with your other responsibilities. If you find that you’re having some trouble in one or more of your classes, don’t worry—you’re not alone.

There are a lot of (free!) resources to help you out. If you’re struggling in your classes, don’t be afraid to get help. We want to help you succeed.

1. Professors’ Office Hours

Your number one resource for each course is your professor. They know the material better than anyone, and they want to help you! If you’re struggling with the material and need more explanation, go into your professor’s office hours. Every instructor has regularly scheduled office hours (virtual office hours if the class is online), and that time is purely devoted to spending extra time with their students. The more you talk to your professor about what you’re not understanding, the more they’ll be able to help you according to your specific needs. And remember, they want to see you!

2. Free Tutoring

Did you know that NAU offers free online and in person tutoring? Available through the Student Learning Centers, you can get help with Math, Stats, and Composition for free and completely online. One-on-one subject-specific tutoring is available in Flagstaff and there is a Writing Center at NAU—Yuma. Make an appointment for online tutoring today if you need help.

3. Online Resources

There are a number of helpful, free online resources available to you. Are you a nervous test taker? Do you struggle with developing your study skills? Do you want to know how to take better notes? There are online resources to help you develop all of those skills and more, including time management and knowing your learning style. These resources can help you better utilize the time you spend in class, reading and learning in general.

4. Academic Advising

If you still find that you’re struggling to keep up in school, make an appointment with your academic advisor. It may be that you need to be taking less classes per semester or classes at a different level. Your advisor is an expert that you should consult once a semester to make sure that you’re in the right classes for you.

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