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There's Strength In Numbers

by Jennifer Martin
Marketing Specialist

October 12, 2015

Strength In Numbers

Just like with anything in life, doing something with a pal or buddy is more fun. Now that the semester is underway and you’ve likely found your groove and balance of family/work/school, here’s another tip to help you on your road to success—form a study group.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can get a jumpstart on today

Keeping on track with studying and homework is the obvious path to mastering your classes. Doing that along with the good old-fashioned study buddy (or 2, or 3) will make it all the more enjoyable. Reach out to other members of your class to form a study group and support each other.

Are your notes clear as mud? It’s time to fix that

Have you ever found yourself becoming blurry-eyed reading and re-reading the same notes over and over, without really understanding what you’re reading? Learning online has its own set of challenges, especially because it’s such a departure from the norm. Your commitment to succeeding in this endeavor is one of the most important accomplishments you can achieve—and ensuring you grasp the concepts covered lesson by lesson will support that success. Getting input and insight from others in the same class will enable you to better understand the curriculum being covered, and reassure you that any struggles you may be having aren’t yours alone.

Test prep can be a group effort

Who better to help you prepare for tests than those who are learning along with you? Your study group can quiz each other to test everyone’s understanding of the material and pose questions among the group that perhaps you hadn’t thought about. Since comprehension and retention are key to passing grades, your cohorts are the best source of help.

Take a load off… and a deep breath

Finding those in your class that want to work with a group is always a comforting and stress relieving thing. While you may be “alone” in an online class, you’re certainly not by yourself! Sharing your concerns, anxieties and struggles with others removes the burden of trying to go it alone, which can sometimes be a roadblock that you want to avoid.  If you’re the kind of learner that likes to study solo, that’s great! However if you’re not, just remember there are others just like you who would appreciate you reaching out to them as much as you would appreciate it if they took the first step.

Learning online can be a really enjoyable experience. Just remember that while you may feel that you’re a “class of one”, you’re certainly not. All it takes is the initiative to break the ice and you’ll likely find that others are more willing to work with you than you may have thought.

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