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5 Reasons Why It’s Not Too Late To Earn Your Degree

by Margaret Hurst
Marketing Specialist

February 27, 2015

Is it too late to earn your degree? 

Certainly not. More and more adults are going back to school. In fact, 80% of all college students are nontraditional students who balance career, family and/or community commitments while earning a degree. 

And this, too, can be you. 

Not convinced? Here are five reasons why it’s not too late to earn your degree. 

Reason 1: You Deserve That Promotion 

You’re great at what you do. But if you don’t hold a bachelor’s degree, that promotion you want could be off the table. 

Studies have found that professionals who hold a bachelor’s degree can earn up to $17,000 more a year in their industry. 

And your employer may support your decision to go back to college. Many companies offer tuition assistance programs as well as flexible schedules or time off to attend class or complete assignments. Talk to your HR representative for more information. 

Reason 2: You Know What You Want 

You know what you want to be. The problem is that you’re not doing it. 

No matter where you are in life, it’s not too late to learn. Starting over in a new career can be intimidating, but remember why it’s important to you to move into this career path. That’s the goal you’re working towards. 

Just ask Jeanne Kochan. At 87, she became NAU’s oldest graduate. 

Reason 3: You Can Afford It 

Sound too good to be true? Not all accredited universities put a hefty price tag on the cost of tuition. 

Many respected universities, including Northern Arizona University, offer an affordable degree you can earn without sacrificing quality or personal attention. 

Talk to the university’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. A financial aid advisor will be glad to explain your financial aid options and ways to make your college education affordable. 

Reason 4: It’s Possible To Make Time In Your Schedule 

Once you are committed to earning your degree, you will also be committed to finding the time for class, assignments and studying. 

And universities don’t want to be what holds you back. Chances are that your chosen degree program lets you choose how you want to learn, from in-person classes to online and competency-based degrees. You can choose which semesters work best for your schedule, even summer classes

Contact a college advisor to see how earning a degree can fit into your schedule. 

Reason 5: It’s Your Turn 

Imagine putting on that cap and gown, walking across the stage and receiving your diploma. Imagine your family and friends are in the crowd cheering when they call your name. Imagine accomplishing something you always wanted to do. 

Now imagine that you take that next step to making this happen. Imagine that you are accepted into your chosen degree program. Imagine loving what you learn. Imagine how your decision to go back to school positively impacts your career and your family. 

Because now is your time to earn that degree. It’s not too late.

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