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  • Educational Opportunities for Your Employees 

    Personalized Learning offers your employees an accredited, online education option that focuses on the professional skills needed in today’s businesses. Through competency-based education degree programs, your employees will advance based on their true grasp of the program’s learning outcomes, not on how much time is spent in a classroom.

    These rigorous programs allow students to progress at their own pace and complete lessons in the order that best meet their learning style. Personalized Learning is an ideal match for your motivated and independent employees who are looking for an education that is responsive to today’s business world. That’s because the curriculum is guided by an advisory board of business community members regularly providing insight into current professional development and hiring needs. 


    Business Partnership Benefits 

    Aside from expanding your employees’ professional skills, NAU’s Personalized Learning program offers these other great benefits.

    • Employer Payment Options: NAU provides two options so you can choose the best fit for your company’s policies and processes.
    • No Tuition Difference for In-State vs Out-of-State Employees: Whether your employees are located in Arizona or worldwide, the rate remains the same.


    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Is partnering with NAU’s Personalized Learning program right for your business? Learn more about what Personalized Learning is and how it works, then browse some frequently asked questions.

    • Are Personalized Learning programs accredited? Yes. All programs fall under Northern Arizona University’s accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), so earning a degree through Personalized Learning holds the same prestigious accreditation standard as a degree earned on NAU’s Flagstaff campus.
    • Will a Personalized Learning bachelor’s degree meet standards for master’s degrees at other institutions?  Yes. NAU’s Personalized Learning programs meet both the accreditation requirements and the transcript format requirements for respected master’s programs nationwide.
    • Are Personalized Learning degrees quality degrees? Yes. While Personalized Learning programs offer flexibility, students must be very motivated to be successful in these rigorous programs. Progress is contingent upon clearly demonstrating an understanding of the curriculum, which cannot be replaced by memorization skills or extra credit opportunities. 


    Begin your partnership with the NAU Personalized Learning program today. Contact Doug Small, Director, Strategic Partnerships at 602-776-4618 or email at


  • Join the PL Advisory Board

    Become an advisory board member and help guide program curriculum to meet business needs.

    Contact us to learn more!

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