• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is NAU accredited?
    YES! Northern Arizona University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools.*
    *For details, visit ncahlc.org or call 800-621-7440
    How much is tuition? Are there other fees?
    A six-month subscription costs $2,500. There are no application, program, book, course or lab fees.

    There are no refund or withdrawal options in Personalized Learning programs, but we know life happens. Students with extenuating circumstances may be eligible to suspend the subscription and resume at a later date with university approval. Circumstances must be documented and are subject to review consistent with university policy.
    How long will it take to complete my degree? How many credits are required?
    It’s up to you. You can complete as many courses as you like in a six-month subscription. It also depends on how many transfer credits and the type of experience you have. In total, you must complete at least 120 credits (or units) to earn your degree.
    Can I transfer in credits from other institutions?
    Yes. Simply submit your transcripts and we can tell you how your credits will apply to an NAU PL degree program.
    Can I transfer out of Personalized Learning to finish my degree at a different institution?
    Personalized Learning is designed for you to complete a degree in its entirety. However, completed lessons do translate into classes on your transcript and may be transferred. Check with the institution you plan to attend prior to transferring.
    Do I get credit for work or professional experience?
    While you won’t receive official university credit, your work experience may help you pass pretests and opt out of individual lessons so you advance quickly.
    Does Personalized Learning accept ACE or test credits?
    Yes. We evaluate CLEP credit as well as DSST (formerly the DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) and ACE credits. Your Transition Coordinator can help you navigate the transfer process.
    How soon can I start?
    There are no semesters. Once you complete the necessary steps to be admitted, you can start your lessons at any time.
    What’s different about my Personalized Learning degree?
    While the experience of Personalized Learning is different, the degree you earn is not. Your degree comes from a public, accredited university with more than 100 years of academic excellence.
    How do I interact with instructors and other students?
    There are unique “social” spaces within the Personalized Learning platform designed to foster collaboration and discussion. Instructors and mentors are easily accessible online as well.
    What if I need help?
    • Academic: Each student is assigned a faculty mentor who, in addition to course instructors, can offer advice and guidance with aspects of any lesson.
    • Technology: There is 24/7 technology assistance available online, on the phone and via email.
    • Professional/post-graduation: Your faculty mentor can help you to evaluate your career options and prepare for what today’s job market demands.
    What kind of credentials do the instructors have?
    In addition to academic credentials, our faculty members have rich professional experience and in-the-field expertise.
    What is “Competency Based” Learning?
    Courses are built around concepts and learning outcomes with each student’s prior experience factored into their education plan. Our competency based learning values theory, but our focus is on the practice that flows from those theories ensuring students stay current in the ever-changing creative economies we inhabit today.
    How do I apply?
    To get started, fill out the information form on this page or call us at 800-426-8315. A Transition Coordinator will work with you through the entire process. There is no cost.
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