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  • I understand that online learning is different from learning in a traditional classroom setting.

    Our Feedback
    Online learning is very different than learning in a traditional classroom. You will need to be independent and self-directed when using the learning resources and completing assignments. You will have a faculty mentor who can help you balance your education with your professional and personal commitments.
    I am comfortable with technology associated with online learning.

    Our Feedback
    The degrees offered by NAU’s Personalized Learning are completely online. All of our lessons and study materials require that you possess excellent computer skills, and a high-speed Internet connection for your computer.
    I am interested in completing a program that is both cost-effective and fast-paced.

    Our Feedback
    Personalized Learning charges a flat rate for a six-month subscription period. So the more you accomplish in each subscription period, the lower the overall cost for your degree.
    I can be a successful learner in a self-paced, online environment.

    Our Feedback
    To be a successful student in NAU Personalized Learning you need to be an independent, self-directed learner. Students progress through the program at an individual pace. There are no classrooms, professors, or even deadlines in the traditional sense. However, you’re not alone. You’ll have the support of a dedicated faculty mentor who will make sure you have access to the resources you need. You can also connect with fellow students through chat rooms, message boards, and online learning communities.
    I have enough time, considering my professional and personal responsibilities, to commit to a degree program.

    Our Feedback
    In this self-paced program, you can progress quickly or take the time you need, depending on your knowledge and experience. To make the most of your subscription period and what you can accomplish, it is important to weigh work, family, and other life commitments and plan accordingly.
    I am interested in obtaining a college degree that will align with my educational and professional background.

    Our Feedback
    NAU Personalized Learning offers degrees and not individual classes. It is designed for the student who intends to earn a degree via Personalized Learning. Students interested in taking only a few classes have many other options at NAU.
    My educational experience consists of:

    Our Feedback
    Students who have completed a degree or at least some college credits will likely benefit from this experience in areas of time management and using what you have learned to progress more quickly. Students with little or no college experience may need more time to become acclimated to the academic rigor and time demands. In either case, the faculty mentor is there to help.
    I have professional experience in the academic field in which I am interested.

    Our Feedback
    While professional experience in your desired field is not required, you may be able to use your professional experience and knowledge to move through your lessons more quickly.

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