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    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) ∙ Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

    Prepare yourself for a role in almost any industry by engaging with curriculum that spans many disciplines.  By exploring concepts from the humanities, the arts, and the sciences, a degree in the Liberal Arts will help prepare you for just about any work environment. 

    You will gain applicable skills in areas including:

    • Verbal Communication
    • Nonverbal Communication
    • Written Communication
    • Analysis
    • Evaluation
    • Critical Thinking
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Technology

    Liberal Arts Degree Curriculum

    The curriculum is designed to be integrated in each area and focused on competencies and lessons rather than courses. The Liberal Arts major consists of the following competencies:

    • Work in team structures
    • Communicate with divers populations
    • Solve complex problems
    • Analyze complicated materials
    • Write about culture effectively
    • Compose academic essays in various rhetorical styles
    • Demonstrate knowledge of potential and limitations of technology’s advances
    • Practice an examined or self-reflective life
    • Describe ethical theories
    • Apply ethical theories to education
    • Formulate and substantiate theses
    • Formulate and test hypotheses in humanities and social science
    • Demonstrate knowledge of leadership in the working of organizations
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the significance of the humanities
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the significance of the social sciences
    • Demonstrate effective transfer of competencies to workplace

    Completing the above competencies results in the awarding of NAU credit for these NAU classes (54 credit hours):

    • ARHI 143—Western Art History (3 credits)
    • CCSU 251—Interdisciplinary Cultural Aesthetics (3 credits)
    • CCSU 351w—Interdisciplinary Research Writing (3 credits)
    • CCSU 491c—Liberal Arts Graduation Capstone (3 credits)
    • CSTU 272—Group Dynamics and Social Conflict (3 credits)
    • CSTU 324—Cross Cultural Communication (3 credits)
    • ENGL 254—Introduction to World Literature (3 credits)
    • ENGL 306w—Writing Across the Disciplines (3 credits)
    • HISY 205—World History (3 credits)
    • HUMA 381—Reflections of Society in Postwar Cinema (3 credits)
    • HUMA 383—Humanities in Global Contexts (3 credits)
    • HUMA 476—Human Nature in Global Contexts (3 credits)
    • PHIL 106—Ethical Obligations (3 credits)
    • RELI 151—World Religions (3 credits)
    • SOCI 202—Sociological Thought (3 credits)
    • SOCI 314—The Sociological Aspects of Education (3 credits)
    • SOCI 321—Interaction of Sociology and Psychology (3 credits)
    • SOCI 340—Social Criminology (3 credits)


     Additional study includes the following:


    B.A.: B.S.:
    Foundations- 7 credits Foundations- 7 credits
    Liberal Studies- 25 credits           Liberal Studies- 28 credits
    Spanish- 16 credits     Science- 13 credits


    Please contact us to speak with one of our Admissions Counselors, who can provide further details on the program and the application process at (800) 628-0040.

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