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  • A Small Business Administration Degree You Can Earn Online And At Your Own Pace

    Ready to start your own small business? Already jumped into the game? NAU’s Small Business Administration competency-based degree through Personalized Learning is designed for the entrepreneur starting a new business or ready to move up the corporate ladder. This bachelor’s degree program in Small Business Administration sets you up with the analytical and managerial skills necessary to make your small business succeed. You will explore the operational, marketing, financial and human resource strategies for small businesses. Learn how to assess market opportunities as well as evaluate financial options and strategies of the legal aspects of business.


    Launch Your Small Business With A Competency-Based Degree

    Small businesses are an important part of the American economy and are the country's largest job creator. Personalized Learning’s Small Business Administration bachelor’s degree explores running a business with opportunities to create a business plan and conduct a risk assessment to evaluate the right options for your business. Through competency-based lessons, learn the current skills and industry knowledge essential for business success by demonstrating what you know as you advance through the program. 

    Earning a bachelor’s degree in Small Business Administration means having the skills and knowledge to succeed in areas like:  

    • Business Management  
    • Marketing & Sales 
    • Accounting  
    • Human Resources  

    * According to the U.S. Small Business Administration

    Small Business Administration Competencies

    The curriculum for the Small Business Administration degree program focuses on competencies and is delivered as lessons rather than courses. The major consists of the following competencies: 

    • C.1 Demonstrate concepts and processes associated with successful entrepreneurial performance
    • C.2 Examine the personal traits/behaviors associated with successful entrepreneurial performance
    • C.3 Examine fundamental business concepts that affect business decision making
    • C.4 Employ concepts, strategies, and systems needed to interact effectively with others to ensure 
high performance in the workplace
    • C.5 Acquire concepts and procedures needed for basic computer operations in a small business 
    • C.6 Evaluate the economic principles and concepts fundamental to entrepreneurship/small business 
    • C.7 Analyze personal money management concepts, procedures, and strategies
    • C.8 Explore concepts and strategies needed for career exploration, development for co-requisites for 
becoming a successful entrepreneur
    • C.9 Examine the financial concepts and tools used in making business decisions
    • C.10 Investigate the concepts, systems and strategies needed to acquire, motivate, develop and 
terminate staff
    • C.11 Break down the concepts, systems and tools needed to access, process, maintain, evaluate, 
and disseminate information for business decision making
    • C.12 Explore the concepts, processes, and systems needed to determine and satisfy customer 
needs/wants/expectations, meet business goals/objectives, and create new product/service ideas
    • C.13 Employ and audit the processes and systems implemented to facilitate daily business 
    • C.14 Examine and integrate the concepts, strategies, and systems that businesses implement and 
enforce to minimize loss
    • C.15 Understands the processes, strategies, and systems needed to guide the overall business 

    Completing the competencies for the Small Business Administration program is equal to taking these NAU classes:

    • BBA 290 Managerial Accounting and Financial Analysis (3 units)
    • BBA 291 Economic Analysis and Business Law (3 units
    • BBA 300 Principals of Management in a Global Economy (3 units)
    • BBA 320 Managerial Finance (3 units)
    • BBA 330 Supply Chain Management (3 units)
    • BBA 405 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3 units)
    • BBA 408 Internship (6 units)
    • BBA 440 Human Resources Management (3 units)
    • ENTY 240 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 units)
    • ENTY 320 Innovation and Creativity (3 units)
    • ENTY 360 New Venture Creation, Growth and Strategy (3 units)
    • ENTY 380 Entrepreneurial Funding and Plan Development (3 units)
    • ENTY 430 Entrepreneurship and New Media Marketing (3 units)
    • ENTY 440 Project Management (3 units)
    • NAUY 300W Dynamic Organizations (3 units)
    • NAUY 310 Leadership in the 21st Century (3 units)
    • NAUY 470C Capstone (3 units)
    • STAT 272 Applied Business Statistics (3 units)

    ** Students transferring in an applicable statistics course are not required to complete STAT 272. 

    Please contact us to speak with one of our Admissions Counselors, who can provide further details on the program and the application process at (800) 628-0040.

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