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    NAU's Management degree program allows busy professionals to earn their bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree through our fully accredited, competency-based Personalized Learning online platform. This innovative learning environment allows students to set their own pace, and complete lessons according to their own timeline. With no deadlines and no set schedules, it's the ideal online degree program to advance your career!

    NAU's Personalized Learning Management degree provides your choice of emphasis, with the option of either a human resources or healthcare focus. You'll learn topics pertinent to today's business world, including technology, finance, marketing and leadership, providing you with advanced management skills that will give you the competitive edge in a local or international work environment.

    You will gain applicable knowledge in areas including:

    • Strategic and Critical Thinking
    • Technology
    • Finance
    • Communication
    • Human Resource Management
    • Global Project and Operations Management
    • Marketing
    • Legal/Policy Issues
    The curriculum is designed to be integrated in each area and focused on competencies and lessons rather than courses. The Management major requirement area consists of the following competencies (33 credit hours):
    1. Analyze management principles from a global perspective
    2. Engage in strategic, critical and innovative thinking
    3. Examine organizational ethics
    4. Engage in effective Managerial Communication
    5. Examine Leadership as it relates to Organizational Management
    6. Manage financial resources to support the fiscal health and strategic goals of an organization
    7. Analyze technology management and applications
    8. Examine the inextricable relationships between operations and the global movement of goods and services- supply chain
    9. Marketing to a global economy
    10. Recruit and manage talent as part of a strategic business plan


    The core competencies for the Management degree are listed above, while each emphasis has additional competencies that must be mastered, including the following:

    The Human Resources emphasis (B.S. and B.A. - 21 credit hours):

    1. Evaluate strategic roles in human resource management
    2. Examine advanced concepts in employment law and regulatory environments
    3. Assess effective total employee compensation plans
    4. Review human resource management's role in organizational training
    5. Integrate knowledge of strategic human resource management
    6. Examine statistical methods used to inform management decisions
    7. Integrate and apply learning through a Capstone project

    The Healthcare emphasis (B.S. and B.S. - 21 credit hours):

    1. Review the state of US healthcare organizations
    2. Analyze healthcare operations, obligations and delivery
    3. Research legal and policy issues that govern healthcare organization and workforce
    4. Evaluate quality management and risk management in healthcare
    5. Examine statistical methods used to inform management decisions
    6. Integrate and apply learning through a Capstone project

    Additional study includes the following for both the Human Resources and Healthcare emphases:

    B.A.:                                                              B.S.:

    Foundations- 7 credits                                      Foundations- 7 credits

    Liberal Studies- 25 credits                                Liberal Studies- 28 credits

    Spanish- 16 credits                                           Science- 13 credits


    Please contact us to speak with one of our Admissions Counselors, who can provide further details on the program and the application process at (800) 628-0040.


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